sister cat-

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today is sunday-yeah.finnaly i can breath even just a for a minute-
yesterday,my sister told me(or i saw her komp ).She Has a BLOG-hahhaa.
and she talk about fashion too-just check :)

she always told me to follow her blog,until now,i dont do that-
hahaha.i think its really ridiculous-

so friends,follow her if you want:) 

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joei said...

good you had time to blog today. same with me. just updated with 2 blog entries today. was so busy the whole week!

welcome back :)


cαro said...

i would die of surprise if i found out my sister had a blog!!

Anonymous said...

love your sister's blog! love yours too! ohh I love taylor momsen, tavi, and karla from ..
and heeeyy i saw you in LOOKS january issue :)


nopaynovita said...

hahaha.yes caro,i was!

yes,trims for bought looks:)
tavi is gorgeous!i love her too

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